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 Atlantic Firearms MFG Romanian Model 65 AK47 Under Folder Rifle features

  • 7.62 X 39 semi-auto rifle
  • original military surplus Romanian parts kit
  • Nickel-plated bolt and carrier
  • US made parts to make it 922-R compliant
  • G2 Fire control
  • Comes with 1-30 round mag
  • 1 year Atlantic Arms MFG warranty.

Built with an original military surplus Romanian parts kit and just enough US-made parts to make it 922-R compliant including G2 Fire control and high quality 4150 Nitride treated barrel. The Front wood handguard has been refinished and all metal surfaces bead blasted and refinished. The rifle also sports a Nickel plated bolt and carrier. They are beautifully finished with a Top Quality manganese phosphate base and a Teflon Black topcoat for maximum protection. This is a great conversation piece for a collector or first time owner. Comes with 1-30 round mag.  Each gun is checked for canted sights within Mil-spec & test fired to insure function and reliability & backed up by a 1 year ak47 guns silencers warranty.

In the early 1960s, the Romanian Army used mostly PPSh-41, Oriţa submachine guns and imported AK-47 rifles.  With the development of the stamped Type 4 AKM receiver, and the Soviet Union’s call to each of the Warsaw Pact’s nations to produce their own assault rifles chambered in 7.62mm, be they AK-47 pattern or not, the Romanian State Arsenal developed an AKM clone featuring a forward-pointing front handgrip molded into the lower handguard, called the Pistol Mitralieră model 1963.

Please Note:  Listing is for Rifle and one magazine.
Wood hand guard has been refinished but is surplus and may show Arsenal markings or another usage character.
Pistol grip is Original Mil Surplus and will show usage and color may vary from grip to grip.
Romanian Arsenal markings may vary and we do not offer any special request for years, numbers etc

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