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ATLANTIC ARMS MFG-SHARPS BROS MB47 Modern Sporting Rifle(MSR) Features

  • JMac GBC-13(gas block/front sight block combo) with detent
  • JMac RRD4-C Slim Muzzle device(14mmx1LH)
  • JMac Customs 102/104/105 Cleaning rod
  • 24mmx1.5RH threads pressed forward of JMac Customs GBC-13(with a detent) and thread protector(for the NFA crowd)
  • Ultimak M1-B optic mounting platform
  • Mission First Tactical(Mil-Spec) Minimalist adjustable stock
  • FB Radom(Polish) Chrome Lined Hammer Forged barrel
  • ALG AK-T trigger
  • Sharps Bros MB47 milled receiver
  • AF Exclusive Russian Red Boyd’s wood lower handguard and checkered pistol grip
  • Side-mounted optic rail
  • New WBP parts:
  • 800 meter rear sight assembly
  • Bolt assembly
  • Bolt carrier with gas piston
  • Top cover
  • Recoil assembly
  • Trigger Guard, and magazine catch assembly
  • Hand guard retainer
  • WBP Enhanced Safety Selector
  • Weight with mag 8.15lbs with out 7.75lb
  • Length with out break  36 1/2 fully extended  33 1/4 collapsed
  • Length with  break 34 3/4 collapsed 38 fully extended

The Atlantic Arms-Sharps MB47 MSR is a unique blend of form, function and class. This rifle’s core is rock solid featuring a Sharps Bros MB47 Milled receiver coupled with an FB Radom(Polish) chrome-lined and cold hammer-forged barrel. The combination of these core components plus many other new parts from WBP Poland, JMac Customs, ALG Defense, Ultimak and Boyd’s Hardwood Gunstocks you have a recipe that is sure to perform to your expectations or beyond.


Despite the additional weight of the Sharps Bros MB47 receiver, this complete rifle only weights about a 1/10 of a pound more than a standard wood stock AKM. This is achieved through careful part selection. Like the Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock and the JMac Customs GBC-13 with detent. Both these parts weight significantly less than their counterparts and helps get the rifle down to fighting weight. This rifle is extremely well balanced too and has a very light and manageable front end. The fact that the majority of the weight is centrally located aids in the feel and manipulation of the rifle. The JMac Customs RRD4-C Slim tames some of the recoil and muzzle rise as well, helping the operator stay right on target. Great for those quick follow-up shoots or competition shooting. The fire control group is an ALG AK-T and it provides a wonderfully clean and crisp break with a lighting quick reset. Exactly what you would expect from an ALG Defense(A division of Geissele) product. Most of the remaining parts for the rifle consist of New Production WBP parts and AF Exclusive Russian Red lower handguard and pistol grip. Giving you a classy and slightly traditional look blended with some great modern features to bring you a stunning performer and show-stopping looks.

Atlantic Arms MFG. uses proven build techniques and attention to detail to provide a build quality that competes with boutique builders at close to a production rifle cost.  Atlantic Arms MFG. even goes above the quality control that they provide on their standard production builds and does even a more thorough and detailed review of the firearm prior to it leaving the shop. The finish on this rifle is a Manganese Phosphate base finish with a Teflon top coat. Giving you a durable, rich black finish that will last. Backed up by a 1 year warranty and the Atlantic Pro Series Money Back Guarantee.

Wood is a natural product, depth of color, darkness of color and wood grain may vary from set to set. There may be minor cosmetic imperfections to wood surface.

Money Back Guarantee on PRO Series

We are confident that you will be pleased with the Atlantic Arms MFG PRO Series product and we will back these products with a 14-day Money back guarantee. The customer will have 14 calendar days from the date of delivery to your dealer to inspect the product and test fire the weapon.  If the product is not as we have described, we will gladly offer you a full refund of the price of the item and pay return shipping. We do this because we know the items will perform well due to the extensive quality control process and test firing program at AA MFG. If you have  a problem or any concerns, please email our office with all your contact info and we will get back to you ASAP.

There are limitations to this money back guarantee and these are listed below:

• All reported issues will be validated upon the return.  If we cannot duplicate the reported issue you will be responsible for a 20% restocking fee.
• All returned items must include all original accessories, information and packaging.
• All returned items must be in an As-New-Condition. Test firing is acceptable but, abusing the item and sending it back is not acceptable.
• The item cannot be modified or damaged(finish included) and then returned. Unless the damage occurred during transit or other extenuating circumstances..
Guns Atlantic LLC is not responsible for the effects/results of using bad ammunition or improperly hand loaded ammunition.

Ultimately we want you to be happy with your new PRO Series purchase from Atlantic.

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